Utilities/Aviation Specialists (UAS) has specialized in safety audits for the global fixed and rotor wing aircraft industries since 1985. UAS Employs a staff of the industry's most experienced personnel in a verity of industries including Pilots, A&P Mechanics, Safety Management System/ Cultural Specialists, professional accident investigators and ISO 14001 auditors.
UAS hand picks an audit team for each audit to insure the best possible industry experts are deployed to fulfill the audit scope.

Though the audit scope will vary based on customer requests and industry specific practices, a typical audit consists of a review of:

  • Culture - the presence of a positive safety culture throughout the organization
  • Management - the direct and/or indirect actions and policies of those in supervisory positions throughout the organization
  • Flight Operations - the actual conduct of flight operations, including pilots, pilot training, aircraft, supplemental equipment, procedures, dispatch and flight following
  • Maintenance Operations - the actual conduct aircraft maintenance Including, technicians, technician training, facilities, tools and equipment, procedures, and parts management and procurement
  • Safety Management Systems - the implementation and execution of safety management systems including policies, risk management, safety/quality assurance, and safety promotion
  • Compliance with all applicable regulations under the governing body (ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada, CAA, CASA etc.)

The final report for each audit compares existing operations and performance against applicable regulatory requirements and accepted industry standards and best practices and provides recommendations for corrections as applicable.