Today's increasingly competitive public utility industry demands a great deal more from its internal flight department or a helicopter service contractor than it ever has in the past. Besides transport and routine patrol operations, helicopter line maintenance and construction procedures and reliability based inspection programs are a science that has proven to be a critical success factor in a safe, reliable, and profitable power delivery system.


The skills and aviation equipment requirements for power line related flight operations however, are very often misunderstood by utility companies and aircraft operators alike. The specific skills and abilities needed by pilots, utility crew- members, maintenance personnel, and operational management supporting utility helicopter services, are very different and a great deal more involved than the skills needed for normal transport category aircraft operations.

Utilities/Aviation Specialists assure your company that current and prospective helicopter service contractors comply and remain in compliance with the highest professional standards for, "utility helicopter operators." We also help in-house flight departments reach their maximum safety potential through post audit recommendations aimed at building a world class flight operation.

All of our specialists have extensive experience in both the utility and helicopter industries and have spent much of their professional careers developing and managing safe and cost effective utility helicopter applications. Their ability to spot potential problem areas before they occur and engineer cost effectiveness into both transport and utility flight operation is un-paralleled anywhere in the industry. We evaluate the risks (both aviation and non-aviation) associated with your unique program and recommend areas and ways where safety margins can be improved, or where cost effective programs can reduce your costs.

Complete helicopter contractor or in-house flight department audits on:

  1. Gas / Electric / Telecommunications Utility Flight Operations In-house operations or contractor/charter operators
  2. Flight Operations Management
  3. Utility Flight Operations Safety
  4. Personnel Transport Operations fixed wing and rotor
  5. Patrol/Inspection procedures and Inspection Quality and Efficiency
  6. Low-level Wire Environment Operations Fiber optics removal and installation
  7. Aircraft Maintenance Quality
  8. Helicopter Contractor Pre-Qualification Audits
  9. Lift and Construction Procedures
  10. Wire Stringing Procedures
  11. Right-of way spray Procedures and airborne vegetation management
  12. Helicopter Power Line Construction/Maintenance safety procedures
  13. Heliport Development and Inspection