Consulting Services

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Utilities/Aviation Specialist's Inc. has the specialized expertise to provide a complete range of consulting services for companies who operate or use aircraft in any application. We are frequently called on by companies with in-house flight operations; as well as, companies who use aviation charter and/or contracted aircraft services to solve mission specific problems, develop cost effective solutions, or develop new methods and procedures. Just a few examples of these services include:

  • New Flight Operations Development and Implementation
  • Legal Support
  • Aircraft Acquisition/Feasibility Studies
  • Skills and Risk assessment on proposed new aircraft operations
  • Developing pilot and crew hiring procedures which assures quality employees
  • Aircraft Accident Investigations
  • Cost effective operations analysis
  • Developing Electric Power Industry Patrol, Inspection, Construction, and Line-Maintenance procedures aimed at lowering the cost of transmission while keeping safety and line reliability high
  • Develop and Implement Mission Specific Operating/Safety/Training Procedures
  • Develop procedures which assure that helicopter operations are environmentally friendly and responsible to the communities in which they operate
  • Complete security of operations training and procedures development
  • Heliport/Vertiport consulting, design, site selection and placement analysis
  • Operations / Safety Management Services
  • Reconcile utility operating priorities with aviation safety priorities
  • Develop Mission Specific bid specifications for utility aircraft contractors
  • Aviation Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Analysis and Consulting on overhead line and obstruction marking, catenary marker ball placement and cost effective installation, and complete aircraft wire strike safety programs for electric utility companies
  • Complete line maintenance/inspection start up procedures for helicopter operations on new electric systems
  • Complete Safety Program Development
  • Asset Value assessment
  • IS-BAO Accreditations