Safety Management Systems

Utilities Aviation Specialists has been an industry pioneer in Risk Management Since 1985. Add in UAS's considerable experience performing hundreds of audits and safety cultural evaluations for organizations around the globe, and you have the foundational experience necessary to construct and install effective Safety Management Systems.

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Utilities Aviation Specialist's DOT Certified Safety Program Managers/Risk Managers have developed simple easy to use templates for the construction of a simple and functional Safety Management System. The templates were designed to work within ICAO, FAA, and CASA standards/regulations/recommendations, but are adaptable to Transport Canada or other regulatory frame woks as well.

Utilities Aviation Specialists wholeheartedly agrees with Safety Management Systems experts that a Aviation Safety Management System cannot and must not be created in a vacuum and purchased as an off the shelf product. That is why Utilities Aviation Specialists spends time onsite, coaching and assisting your personnel in constructing and implementing the Safety Management Systems. The Utilities Aviation Specialists templates are used as guide to expedite the process and insure regulatory conformity, but all parts of the system are tailored by your personnel (Under the guidance of a Safety Specialist) to suit the unique needs of your organization.

Utilities Aviation Specialist's Safety Specialists have setup Safety Management Systems for small to medium sized helicopter operators across the USA and Australia.