EMS Training

ems training

EMS Wire Strike Avoidance Training is a one day seminar specifically designed to give air ambulance/rescue pilots and medical flight crews the skills they need to fly safely in the wire and obstruction environment. It has been developed and refined over many years by some of the most experienced helicopter low level flight crews around the world.

Course Content Includes:

  • “Applied” situational awareness in the wire environment
  • Understanding your exposure to the wire and obstruction environment
  • Low-level helicopter accident analysis
  • Crew Resource Management (What the pilot and EMS flight crews need to do to act together as a team)
  • The responsibilities of each crew member
  • In-flight communications
  • Understanding the wire and obstruction environment?
  • The twelve (12) basic awareness’s crews must have to avoid a wire strike accident
  • Dynamics of the wire environments
  • Traps waiting for untrained crews
  • Visibility engineering (What you can and can’t see and why)
  • How flight crews can forecast the presence of wire long before they can actually see it
  • Illusions in the wire environment (What causes them and how to manage them)
  • The high wire reconnaissance (How is it different than a normal recon)
  • Additional dangers during low-level operations
  • Emergency procedures
  • What to do if a wire strike is imminent
  • Error management in the air
  • Violating minimum approach distances
  • How patrol crews let the accident chain develop
  • Night operations in the wire and obstruction environment

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