Low Level Crew Resource Management

Are you tired of attending Crew Resource Management (CRM) training designed primarily for the airlines or fixed wing operations at altitude? Are you weary of struggling to stay awake in a course where only a small portion applies to what you do low-level so you can check the box on your training records?

At last! There is a course designed from the ground up, for aircraft and crews that work and operate at lower levels. Low-Level CRM was designed and developed by the team at Utilities/Aviation Specialists Inc., the same group that has delivered the life saving "Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Environment" training courses to over 25,000 crewmembers all around the globe.

This course looks at the similarities, but also the many differences and unique communications skills needed by low level crews to operate safely close to the ground that either aren't necessary or don't apply to crews operating at altitude.


Airlines operate from point to point in a highly controlled environment and their CRM is centered around communications to manage all of the risks and hazards associated with that environment.

Low-level crew interaction is much more complex and demanding and their CRM must take into account the many differences brought about by the ever changing job specific hazards and all of their associated mission specific communications. Flight critical communications low-level routinely comes from crewmembers who are non-pilots or are part of their very crucial ground support team.

The course is highly interesting and educational as it walks your crews through all the unique differences and necessary communication skill sets needed to operate in the low-level environment.

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